Development and restructuring:

Development Project Group Company has established "Development & Restructuring Company" in order the restructure the governmental and non governmental institutions that have a direct relation with the small income owners such as the development banks, development institutions, Ministry of Social Affairs, non-profitable companies, institution or authorities that are working in development or charity field in order to develop and assist them with all efficiency and ability. Of these companies and institutions which are suffering from weak points and indexes such as:

Decrease of sale in spite of the market is in progress.
The customers are leaving the company.
Complaints of customers that there is no reply for their calls.
Exceeding of the current projects more than the items of the approved budgets.
Increase of expenses and dropping of profits.
Doubt of the employees that the company is not able top progress or growth.
The employees feel that absence of leadership and strong management.
The employees reaching lately to their work and leaving there of early.
Disability to settle the due taxes
Delay in the settlement of suppliers' duties.

Thus, in order to rescue company or institution from its misstep and transfer it from the bankruptcy abyss to the salvation way, thereof "Development & Restructuring Company" is ready to help you; we will summarize for you the works that will be carried out by us.

First: Diagnosis

A) Administrative Analysis:
1 Evaluation of the manpower (Right Sizing) required in the sections and departments.
2 Operations analysis
3 Analysis of procedures and administrative systems
4 Analysis of the used programs (I.T)

B) Financial Analysis:
1 Liquidity indexes
2 Profit indexes
3 Efficiency indexes

C) Market Analysis:
1 Evaluation of products/service (Quality, Wrapping, Sizes and Customer Satisfaction)
2 Market Share for the product / service.

Second: Treatment
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1 Restructuring
2 Updating of systems and procedures (requirements of the administrative quality system ISO 9001)
3 Updating of the used programs (I.T) and connecting thereof in order to be an integral system.
4 Effective marketing programs for the product / Service.
5 System of the work groups.

Third: Follow-Up and Development:
1 Support program of decision-markers
2 System of customer satisfaction
3 Efficiency indexes Feedback system for development.