Micro Projects:

The Development Project Group focuses on the following seven development projects:

1- Survival Projects:

These projects are devoted for the poor and needy and that with a minimal amount of money is able to establish a small production facility that would aid them in their daily lives.

2- Hope Projects:

Devoted for poor orphans, widowed and divorced women where the Foundation sponsors small production facilities that would be run by these poor people.

3- Team Projects:

These projects are aimed at bringing together a number of poor people and employing them in such projects as poultry farms, agricultural fields, clothing and apparel plants, and other similar team projects.

4- Challenge Projects:

These projects are devoted for the poor handicapped, and that would assist them in achieving a level of dependency for themselves.

5- Efficient Projects:

These projects are aimed for the poor to adopt and that will eventually have a positive influence on their entire local communities.

6- Technological Projects:

These development projects have a higher level of technological advancement than the normal development projects. The raw materials that are used in these projects will be sourced locally from within the village. Examples of such projects include manure-derived cooking gas plants, firewood-derived electric power plants in remote villages, and other similar technological projects.

7- Crisis Projects:

Projects that are aimed at assisting the village dwellers when natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, volcanoes and wars occur.


This picture shows one of the Foundation's Team Projects. Team Projects are sponsored by the Foundation for a group of poor people, especially if those people comprise a whole family. The picture shows a family working in bag producing facility that was sponsored by the Foundation.
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This poor lady's husband died leaving her behind with three daughters to raise. The Foundation was able to provide her with a small shop for selling meat products. With God's guidance, and with your support, the lady was able to put her three daughters through school without asking for outside help.
This poor man was left helpless when he needed to establish and run a poultry farm, a profession he has previous experience in. With God's assistance, and with your fund, he was able to establish the farm and make his dream a reality. Now he has enough income to support his children. You have given life back to this person.

This worker, together with his brothers, is running a garment manufacturing and dyeing shop in a small village. DPG provided the dying colors and other raw materials for this small project.


This is a picture of a poor man, who was sponsored by DPG, running a small shop for manufacturing knives from metal scrap.


This picture illustrates a piece of cultivation land for growing pineapples. DPG purchased this land along with its seeds and gave it to large number of poor people. These people are now working together on this land. This undoubtedly will help them in generating income for themselves and their families.

This picture illustrates one of the Survival Projects, which are devoted for the poor and needy. We aided this elderly and very poor lady to purchase fish products so she can sell it in the local village market. Now she has a constant daily source of income.


This lady was able to invest and work in an agricultural piece of land that was bought by DPG. Harvesting time of the year has come and the lady is reaping the benefits of her hard work.

This worker is manufacturing shoes in one of the small production plants in the Arab Republic of Egypt.